2 Myths You May Believe About Having Your Female Cat Spayed

10 August 2021
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Once your female kitten has grown a little and is now more than a few months old, you may have thought about having them fixed, or spayed. However, you may have misgivings about having the procedure done, especially if you have any misgivings about misconceptions you may have heard.

While the primary reason to have your female cat spayed is to prevent them from getting pregnant and having litters of kittens, there is more to it than that. Do not let the belief in the following myths keep you from having your female cat spayed, as they simply are not true.

1. Spaying Your Cat Will Have a Negative Impact on Their Behavior

One concern that you may have about having your cat spayed is that it will have a negative impact on their behavior. You may believe that once the surgery is performed, their personality will change. Or, you may have heard that they will become lazy and fat because of low energy due to decreased hormones.

However, your cat's behavior will not change for the worse. They will still have the same basic personality and energy levels as they did before being fixed. One good change, however, is that they will not go into heat every few months, which does drastically change a cat's behavior that can be difficult for them and you to deal with.

2. Keeping Your Cat Unspayed Will Be Better for Their Overall Health

Another myth you may have heard and believe is that keeping your cat unspayed will be better for their health. Not only do you believe that they will be spared the surgery, but you may think that keeping their hormones intact will be better for their overall health.

However, the exact opposite is true. The older a cat gets, the more prone they are to develop breast and uterine tumors because of the hormones. If you have them fixed early in their life, their risk of these issues will be dramatically decreased.

By having your female cat spayed, you can spare them and you the agony of them going into heat every few months as well as help to protect them from future issues with their health. If your cat has yet to have been fixed, contact a veterinarian near your home that offers spay surgery services for cats to set up an appointment to have your cat examined and to discuss having this important procedure done.

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