Cat Having Dental Issues? 3 Signs To Watch Out For

7 August 2020
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Your cat's teeth are an important part of their health. If your cat is experiencing dental issues, it can affect their overall health and their mouth, gums, and jaw as well. You need to keep an eye out for dental issues in your cat, especially since they aren't going to come right out to tell you they are having problems. Read on for a few signs to watch out for. If you suspect your cat is having any dental concerns, you should get them to the veterinarian for a checkup right away.

1. Bad Breath

No, your cat's breath probably doesn't smell like roses, but if it smells like it could kill roses, it could be a dental issue. If your cat has any teeth that are rotting, it can lead to bad breath. The rotting teeth are going to release an odor that can be atrocious. The bad breath can also be the result of a dietary concern as well. Try switching up your cat's food to see if this helps at all. If not, get your cat to the veterinarian for a dental checkup.

2. Pawing At The Mouth

If your cat paws at their mouth a lot, it could be the sign of a dental concern. Your cat's mouth may be bothering them, which could be the result of a toothache or a problem down in the jaw, such as an infection. Your cat may also be drooling a lot more than normal. If you notice your cat pawing at their mouth, check out their teeth to see if you can spot an issue such as rotting teeth, teeth with a lot of tartar on them, or even swollen gums.

3. Hard Time Eating

If your cat is having a difficult time eating or is leaving a lot of food in their bowl, it could be an issue with your cat's oral health. If your cat isn't eating, this can lead to other issues. Be sure your cat doesn't have any dental problems by taking your cat to the veterinary dentist for an exam and checkup.

These are just a few signs of a dental issue you should keep an eye out for in your cat. If you think your cat is having issues with their teeth, make an appointment with your veterinarian for a cleaning, exam, and checkup. Have your cat's dental issues treated to prevent other health concerns in your cat.

For more information, reach out to a local cat dentist.