3 Hidden Risks Of Leaving Your Pet At Home While On Vacation

1 October 2018
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Going on vacation or any kind of trip can be difficult for pet owners. No one wants to leave their pets behind, so many pet owners choose to keep their dogs and cats at home while they're away to help them feel comfortable. Unfortunately, doing so could leave your pet at risk. Here's why it's not as good an idea as it sounds.


Homes are often broken into while homeowners are away, and homes with pets are no exception. While having a dog might seem like a good way of defending your home, if you've been home for a long while, there's every possibility that your dog has been barking frequently due to missing you. If so, your neighbors may not think anything of it even if your dog does start barking at a burglar.

Unfortunately, this is where things can get bad. A burglar could see your pet as a potential threat, or they could simply leave a broken window or an open door where your pet could escape from the house. Since days could potentially pass before you even know there was a problem, your pet could end up anywhere.

Medical Emergencies

It's easy to think that a cat or dog won't have any medical problems because they're typically healthy, but cats and dogs can develop sudden medical issues just like humans. Detecting things like seizures, strokes, and behaviors like not using a litter box or drinking excessive amounts of water is critical to getting your pet medical attention. If too much time passes, these conditions can become more severe or even life-threatening. With you not at home, it may be too late by the time you return.

Natural Disasters

Finally, consider the risk of natural disasters. No matter where you live, chances are there's a chance of having some kind of natural disaster develop. Unfortunately, if your pet is alone in a home, it's not going to be the priority of law enforcement. Getting your pet evacuated will be considered a lower priority than getting humans out of harm's way, and that's assuming that you can even get in touch with the authorities to alert them to the presence of your pets.

Whether you use an animal sitter or not, keeping your pets in your home while you're away isn't the safest option. Instead, opt for an animal boarding facility like Marquette Animal Hospital that will keep your pet safe and monitored so that any health conditions that pop up are found and treated promptly.